CSC with it’s locally and nationally recognised consultants currently offer community clinics within a primary care setting in the following areas: Colorectal, TNS tibial nerve stimulation for the treatment of faecal incontinence, Gynaecology.

Colorectal Clinics

Offered at both locations. Our team of colorectal experts working alongside consultants perform colorectal procedures such as rigid sigmodoscopy; proctoscopy; hemorrhoid injections) and banding using the most up to date equipment.
They diagnose and treat a broad range of colorectal diseases and conditions.

At CSC we see all patients suffering with any benign colorectal condition including: PR bleeding with or without symptoms, Haemorrhoidal diseases, Anal pain & itching, Chronic Constipation, Anal Fissure, Anal/faecal Incontinence, Rectal prolapse, Fistula

TNS (Tibial Nerve Stimulation) for faecal incontinence & over-active bladder.

We are the only community based clinic providing TNS in the UK. TNS works by inducing gentle electrical impulses using a nerve in the lower leg (the tibial nerve) This treatment fills the gap between conservative therapies (medication, pelvic floor exercises) and surgery. A course of treatment includes an initial assessment by Mr P Giordano followed by 12 sessions of treatment and a final assessment. Offered at Ching Way only.